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"Pearson's stories have about them not only the cherished patina of memory, but also the wry recollection that the things we remember aren't always the way things were....his language is sure and supple."

               -- Booklist


"A poignant and insightful account...."

               -- The New York Times

"Innocents Abroad Too is not only a compelling narrative of traveling around the world.  It is an enlightening and delightful look into great literature, mostly by writers who, like Pearson, embraced the adventure of the voyage, on the road and on the high seas, in vivid and highly informative prose."

             -- Lee Gutkind, editor of The Best of Creative Nonfiction

"A series of charming informal essays....Pearson's descriptions and interviews are first rate....a pleasant read, full of rich anecdote and detail."

                              -- Kirkus Reviews

Dublin at night

  "Pearson's examination of Ireland and its literary children in THE ROAD TO DUNGANNON is elegant, engrossing, and even romantic.  So much so, that it does the near impossible—makes me feel a twinge of pride for my own pale, pale Irish body." 
          Steve Basilone, known for such television series as Community and The Goldbergs,recently wrote and directed the feature film Long Weekend.



  "The Road to Dungannon, Michael Pearson's lovely and multifaceted new memoir, whisks us away on a stirring quest of literary and hereditary discovery. With harmony and counterpoint the author conducts us on borderless journeys across place, time, mind, and spirit. A splendid book."
         John McManus, author of Fox Tooth Heart, Bitter Milk, and Stop Breakin Down



   "Every earnest trekker through the vast and shifting bogscapes of Ireland and Irish literature should consider it an essential travel guide." 
         Joe Jackson's most recent book – Black Elk: The Life of an American Visionary – was the winner of the Francis Parkman Prize by the Society of American Historians and a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award for Biography.



   "Pearson is a vigilant and insightful tracker. In gathering the known and discovered influences on him, whether it is his mysterious grandfather, or modern and contemporary Irish writers, or the landscapes that reach out from the Bronx and Dublin, Pearson, in the end, hosts a celebratory party of Irishness deep in the American psyche and toasts the upsurge of spirit alive in that continuing bond."
      Philip Raisor, author of That Naked Country and editor of Tuned and Under Tension: The Recent Poetry of W. D. Snodgrass